Celebrity Travel Mishaps: Even Movie Stars Can Benefit From Travel Insurance


Scrolling through the Instagram feeds of famous celebrities might lead to the belief that stars never experience the same travel mishaps that ordinary travelers do. According to TravelInsurance.com, we have more in common with famous jet-setters than we realize, in that celebrities face the same travel troubles that can derail anyone’s vacation. Over the years, unavoidable travel disruptions have affected some of the world’s most famous individuals, all of whom could have benefited from a travel insurance plan.

“While celebrities add prestige to an industry where glamour has declined over time, no amount of designer luggage or first-class tickets can prevent common travel woes,” said Stan Sandberg, co-founder of TravelInsurance.com. “No matter how much you spend on travel, a travel insurance plan can protect your investment and is generally affordable, whether insuring yourself or an entourage of 10.”

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