His rental car crashed in the sea. Now he’s in a $ 27,825 insurance nightmare


Last fall, Russell Wayne’s rental car inexplicably crashed into the ocean in a picturesque seaside town in Spain. Unfortunately, the strange accident totaled the Europcar-owned Audi and plunged Wayne into an insurance nightmare with Chase Eclaims.

Now Wayne is asking the Elliott Advocacy team for help in getting his $27,825 insurance claim paid. Can we do it?

Wayne’s bizarre tale is a cautionary one for anyone who relies on the free car insurance benefit from a credit card. Only after his rental car crash did he discover the precarious nature of this type of insurance coverage. And he suddenly found himself in a protracted insurance battle, with endless requests for additional paperwork he didn’t have. Worse: the impersonal agents who were unable to pinpoint when or even if Eclaims would pay his jumbo claim.