Sheridan Smith gushes over fiancé Jamie Horn… as she admits her life is in a ‘great place’ after mental health battle


The West End star, 37, revealed her life is in a ‘great place’ now thanks to Jamie, as well as overcoming her mental health battle.She told the publication: ‘I can’t believe somebody is going to have me. It is incredible. ‘My personal life is in a great place as I have got a gorgeous fella. We met before through friends. We went on a date and clicked straight away.

‘Do you know what – when people used to say to me, “When you know, you know” I used to think, “Oh shut up. No way”. And then you do. We are inseparable.’  Sheridan previously revealed she was ‘falling apart’ following the death of her father, Colin Smith, from cancer in 2016, confessing she ‘self-medicated’ to cope with the pain.

Revealing things have turned around, she confessed: ‘Where I am right now is the happiest I have felt.’  In recent days, Sheridan has been flaunting her huge sparkler for everyone to see while out and about. She found her happy ever after when she became engaged to Jamie, her toyboy beau of two months, in May. The new couple were first spotted together in March, and Sheridan revealed she had a new man in her life during her country-wide tour soon after.

Crooning out Rufus Wainwright’s Dinner at Eight on stage in Cardiff, she told the crowds: ‘Right that song — that was my fella’s favourite. Oh, did I not tell you? I’ve got a fella.

‘Don’t act so f***ing surprised, thank you. I know, you think it won’t last — it probably won’t. Anyway, that was his favourite song.’ In an interview with Vogue in March 2016, Sheridan had lamented her many failed pursuits of love over the years. Speaking about her chequered romantic experiences, the blonde said: ‘What can I say? I don’t pick them very well.’

However, it seems Jamie has brought Sheridan back to her best – with the actress admitting she is in a ‘very happy place’ again, following a number of mental health woes.

Discussing her illness on Magic Radio, the Gavin and Stacey star confessed her hopes that her Schizophrenic role in new film The More You Ignore Me will help others to speak out about their problems.

Recalling her own experiences, she said: ‘I guess when you hide something for such a long time, and then people start speculating or saying horrible things about you and you’re trying to understand yourself.

‘But also you know people are perceiving you in a certain way… it’s a process of being able to go ‘what’s happening, why am I feeling like this?’ and then asking for help.’I’m really hoping this film will trigger people. You know it’s not an embarrassing situation, it’s just an illness. I think it’s just the words ‘mental health’ that make people scared.’

Sheridan revealed her battle with depression and anxiety last year, which was triggered by her father’s cancer diagnosis in 2016. However, she went on to gush that she is feeling in tip-top shape again, and that fiancé Jamie has only helped her reach happiness.She continued: ‘Where I’m at right now I feel like this is really good, I’ve got all that under control. ‘I’ve got doctors care, I’m feeling great, I got engaged, I’m in a very happy place (laughs) so I’m very happy and you know that’s it. I couldn’t ask for more really.’